How Example Research and Model Academic Paper Services Can Help Students Become Better Learners?

Students need to have good examples for their writing. Such examples can be provided by tutoring companies that coach the student in proper writing techniques. With the proper example and training, students can excel in writing their own essays to the best of their ability. Without such examples, it is difficult for them to achieve their highest potential in their future endeavors as we shall see below as the student graduates and enters the real world.

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I know that as a teenager, I myself needed proper examples. They improved my writing markedly as time went on. Without them, I would not have become the writer that I am. I would have been writing papers that were full of grammatical errors and would not have achieved good grades and a college scholarship. In college, they were invaluable to improving my grade point average and in the achievement of academic excellence. It allowed me to achieve honors and to graduate cum laude with a 3.75 grade point average.

Effective writing is not just important in schools, but also in business. We all have to write reports and emails. Without effective writing skills, we can not excel and be promoted. We have all seen examples of bad writing and the snickers and ridicule it brings. The surest way to not be promoted is to write badly. First impressions are usually the ones that we remember the most and they can affect the way people see and perceive us.

Effectively written reports show that a person is competent and intelligent. These types of people are usually the ones that are promoted in business and have higher salaries. They enjoy greater prestige than those who can not write effectively. They are usually the first to be suggested and named to managerial positions and other high positions in companies.

Therefore, the learning occurs not just in the classroom, but in the government circles as well. Without proper communication skills, a politician cannot be elected. The examples of Ronald Reagan and Dan Quayle are replete with examples of gaffs and bad grammar that make the public laugh and take the officials less seriously. They then have less support for their policies that they otherwise would have if they had been able to express them. Certainly, one wonders what kind of students these politicians were in school.

Without good writing skills, such people graduate from the academic world and do not reach their true potential when they reach their positions in life. Example research and model academic paper services can help students become better learners in school and all throughout their lives. Once the skills are learned, they are never forgotten. They follow the student all the way from their youth until the day that they die. Even in old age, the fine writing skills that the students develop stick with them and are not forgotten. We are always learners and never stop needing the fine examples that example research and model academic paper services provided them in their youth. It enhances their lives so much. They do not understand it because they forget what it was like not to be able to write effectively. When reminded, they realize how lucky they were to have these examples in their youth that stick with them in their elder years when they can retire and enjoy life to its fullest by being able to write effective correspondence to their children and grandchildren. The examples are passed from generation to generation. Learning never ends and models learned early on are never forgotten.

Freelance Writing Employment - Cover/Application Letter Sample

My name is Megan M., and I am a writer and editor from Ohio. I graduated from the Ohio State University in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in English. While in college, I completed numerous courses in British and American literature. I also completed courses in non-fiction, business, and professional writing. I was usually required to write two papers each week, so I became used to working on a tight deadline.

After college I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. I hiked 2000 miles over the course of six months. I have started a blog for female backpackers that are interested in learning about the Appalachian Trail. I write gear reviews, give advice on hiking, and share details about the long-distance backpacking lifestyle.

I'm currently editing a fiction book that is being written by a fellow hiker. It's about a man that sets out to hike the Appalachian Trail as a way to run away from his problems. Right now I'm editing the content by making suggestions to the story line, helping with character development, and making sure everything flows together easily. After I've edited the content of the rough draft, I'll go back through and and do grammar corrections. A big part of this project is corresponding with my client to ensure that we are both happy with the progression of the book.

Last fall I moved to Telluride, Colorado to work at a ski resort and learn how to snowboard. I didn't know very many people, so I put a lot of effort into my hiking blog and getting good at snowboarding. I will be moving to Denver in June.

My greatest interests reside in the outdoors. I love camping, backpacking, hiking, biking, snowboarding, and wildlife. Being in nature is one of the most peaceful places I can go. It's also fuel to my imagination.

My other passions are reading and writing. I love how powerful words can be. As a child, I loved disappearing into books that inspired my imagination. I would read my favorite stories over and over again: Harry Potter, books by Sharon Creech, and stories about pirates. Now that I'm older, I'd like to think that someday I will write stories that others will cherish. I'm a great research writer for a few reasons. First, before I even get to the writing part, I do great research. I like to begin the writing process with a long list of bullet points, a few solid sources, and specific ideas for the direction of my paper.

Second, I'm a storyteller. With a solid foundation of research behind my paper, I weave together my reasoning so it's easy to follow and makes a compelling case. In my essay about Evelina, I explained how the heroine lives in a time where women were dependent on men for survival in society. I didn't just want to provide reasons for why my thesis was correct. I wanted to make the reader understand the frustrations and injustice that Evelina had to face. I wanted to make them dislike society's rules just as much as Evelina did.

Finally, I'm a great researcher because I'm fast. Writing comes naturally to me, so I can get it done quickly. I finished college a year early, which might not have been possible for me if I had majored in something other than English. Essays for schools have been the bulk of the writing I've done in my lifetime, so it's what I'm best at.

Thank you for your consideration for a position of an academic freelance writer and editor. I look forward to future correspondence.


Megan M.

How to Be Smart and Write without Plagiarism? Research Tips for Students.


Plagiarism and academic dishonesty is considered to be a serious issue for institutions around the world and in order to prevent such practices, different institutions have provided different guidelines and way outs for students. It is a big challenge for the institutions to prevent the students from academic dishonesty and for this purpose, institutions need to invest huge amounts for online checking of plagiarism. In order to identify the best possible ways to avoid plagiarism, one must know the meaning of plagiarism.

Plagiarism means to copy the concepts, arguments or research work without recognizing the original author or data source. The use of other’s idea and quotation without citation in the academic work, using data from another student without describing it in your own words and copying the content directly from internet or published journals is included in plagiarism. Citation doesn’t meant to provide references for general definitions as they may vary by the field of study or institution.

Reasons for Plagiarism

The most common reasons behind plagiarism at academic level are described below (James, Mclnnis, & Devlin):

- Low level of understanding about the subject

- Short time limits

- Parental stress to achieve high GPA

- Habitual of taking short cuts

- Lack of internet resources and research skills

- Poor time management skills

- Fear of getting failed in the subject

Ways to Prevent Plagiarism for Students

Preventing plagiarism is a joint effort on part of the institution as well as the students. There are many possible ways in which students can avoid plagiarism, some of which are listed below (Rouse and Gut):

- Properly establish the reference material to be used for academic work

- Whenever there is an ambiguity related to the work being given to you as assignment, discuss with your tutor immediately.

- While writing the assignment, try to be careful when using the exact words from any data source and put it in quotation marks. If you are explaining the idea of a data source in your words, make sure that you have changed the structure of the sentences and expressions.

- If the citation and referencing styles are not clear then contact your tutor to provide a proper guideline having step by step information about citation and referencing styles.

- If the data taken by you is from multiple articles and sources, then highlight it during writing so that you may not forget to properly cite it after completion of your paper.

Ways to Prevent Plagiarismin the Classes

Plagiarism can also be prevented at institutional level. If the class assignments are general and not subject oriented, if there is no information to the students about ways to prevent plagiarism and when there is no proper guideline for the students in the class, then there are more chances for students to plagiarize their work. Some of the ways to prevent the idea of plagiarism amongst the students in the class are:

- Clearly state the policies of the institution to the students

- Identify the average mental capabilities of the students taking the subject

- Motivate the students to effectively manage their ample time

- Avoid assigning generic tasks to the students as it might lead to plagiarize work

- Try assigning work to students which require drafts, notes and revisions so that it becomes difficult for the student to plagiarize the work

- Explain the ways of citation and references to the students

- Conduct paraphrasing activities during the class

- Try to assign the work in groups so that each student in the group can write their part

- Clearly explain the penalties and policies related to academic misconduct


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